~ 2012 ~
Planet Earth Transition: “Disclosure ~ Mass Landings & First Contact ~ Inner Earth”

Disclosure Progress:
“The period we are passing through is when Mother Earth is to be made over to the Light. This process is nearly done. The end of this particular stage will be the formal announcements that proclaim that our space family is here and ready to disclose its program for the landings. At the same time, the first broadcasts from our Agarthan family will go out. We have lived among them for millennia and know how much they desire to reunite the realms of Inner and surface Earth. They intend to show you around their glorious world and prepare you for your journey back to full consciousness. The environs and residences where this is to take place are ready and waiting for your occupancy. We have supervised all the preparations and greatly look forward to completing your ascension. It is vital that the divine plan be manifested, and manifested now!”
– Washta & Ascended Masters / through Sheldan Nidle 12th July 2011

“Know that if your leaders do not shortly come to terms with a Disclosure announcement, we will do so on their behalf since the time within which to acclimatize you to the changes necessary for Ascension grows shorter by the day.”

“Your planet is literally surrounded with craft from all corners of the universe as all beings vie for ringside seats to the greatest show in the galaxy. Your world has long been highly regarded as one of the finest spiritual schools in the universe and entry into this University has been highly sought after. Now, you are on the precipice of a school-wide graduation, and you are center stage for the family that has come from all parts of the universe to attend the graduation ceremonies.”
– Galactic Federation through Wanderer of the Skies 14th July 2011

“The next three of four months are destined to be eye opening, and you will know for sure that the big changes are on the way. After all the year speeds by and before you know it, it will be the magical year of 2012. So get ready to button up your safety belts and enjoy the ride. It can be seen as good or bad as you want it to be, so see the goal that is being aimed for and not the manner in which it is to be reached. All you need know is that it results in all you have been promised. It will be an unbelievable time with one surprise after another, and celebrations will be taking place.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and tell you that our ships are gathering for the grand announcement that will allow us to land on your Earth by invitation.”
– SaLuSa / through Mike Quinsey 20th July 2011

“Take heart and carry on with your missions, individually and together. These are truly the most exciting times. Keep as good a memory of them as you can, for you will often look back at them and want to relive the moments of time leading up to the Disclosure event and, ultimately, as matters take on lightening speed thereafter, towards Ascension. It has a certain “Hollywood appeal” to it.

“We will continue to show ourselves more and more in your skies and we have planned even closer events than that in the coming time as a way in which to build upon the slow progress we have attained in acclimating the people to our presence. This will include ever closer “fly bys” and greater clarity of our ships so that there can be no dismissing us. This is all planned long ago and, in our estimation, is moving along nicely. Time draws near and we become ever more excited for our reunion. We will greet you with open hearts and with Love and admiration for your incredible resilience in the face of so much adversity.”
– Galactic Federation through Wanderer of the Skies 26th July 2011

‘We have seen the Illuminati’s effects diminish so much over the course of such a small amount of time that it is encouraging for the Disclosure announcement. We perceive that the last of the “hold outs” are actually rogue military operations from several of your governments who do not want to give up their grasp on power. Some of these are of fundamentalist religious persuasions, so we are perceived as a great threat to them instead of the allies we are for humanity. These groups, now disconnected and operating separately, monitor these channelings to determine what advantage they can take over us. They cannot ever imagine the extent and nature of our technology. They have been the recipients of technology spoon fed to them by various self interested species over the years and believe that those technologies are the “cutting edge” of what is out there among the different races of beings in this universe. They are sadly mistaken in this belief. They were given only small amounts of disjointed technologies for those species’ own protection. It does not even touch the tip of the iceberg of the level of our technological capabilities.”
– Galactic Federation through Wanderer of the Skies 10th August 2011

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