One Response » Jury Refuses to Convict Anyone for Marijuana Possession – Thom Hartman Tuesday, Dec 27 2011

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Breaking Alternative News and News and Politics and Truth Movement and Video Cllips minnesota judge, public acts of non compliance, stupid laws, Thom Hartman – Jury Refuses to Convict Anyone for Marijuana Possession! AscendingStarseed 3:43 am We can chalk one up for the people here! Fortunately the sheeple appear to be waking up, a town in Minnessota showed us how to take care of laws that are unjust by supporting our neighbor in acts of non-compliance – one of Max Igan’s favorite subjects!History reveals that marijuana was originally outlawed for reasons based on predatory capitalism, not for reasons based on logical, religious or health principles. Just like Tesla’s free energy inventions were suppressed by JP Morgan and the oil robber barons, marijuana was criminalized because it’s one of the most revolutionary plants on earth. It’s used to make some of the best clothing, paper, rope and can even be used to fuel our cars! In addition, the medicinal properties posed a big threat to bigpharma’s profit margin.The early 1900′s the industry’s that felt threatened by potential for hemp production, were monopolized by powerful interests with ties to Congress. Simply put, they hired lobbyists to outlaw marijuana and launched massive PR campaigns to brainwash the public with crazed, maniacal warnings about reefer madness! >:-/

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