Thank You so much Kauilapele ! I love to read your blog,& repost them, as it is of utmost necessary food for the ascension. BTW, I hope your mouth is fine now ! : )
LoVe & DiViNe GuiDanCe to your sweet heart .

NiNa ! 🙂

Kauilapele's Blog

This SaLuSa points out more than once that “time is still speeding up” and that we may feel that we do not have the time to “get all of [our] work done”. Whatever that may be.

Yet, I do feel it harmonizes with one post, not too long ago, entitled, “A Short Message from Kauilapele…’Be Ready for Action’“. One quote from that post was,

“Be ready for action. Be ready to follow your Guidance. Be ready to shine your Light wherever needed, and wherever you feel so moved.”

As these changes become outer-visible to us, I would say it is important in this Ascension process to be attuned to Guidance, hear, see it, feel it, follow it.


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