Many of you are the visionaries
and are ahead of your time~
Dear beautiful souls of light.
Those of you who are
lifting this planet
into the next level of consciousness
are very much ahead of your time.
You are the ones coming forth with a vision of what is possible for humanity to accomplish.
Humanity will raise into higher gear
by those who are actively and
consciously working to make the
next evolutionary leap.
You may be wondering why you think very differently to others.
It is because some of the thoughts and ideas you are having are quite uncommon and unusual for where
humanity is at as a whole.
It is these very ideas that
are going to bring about
the great shift to the higher d
imensions in
years to come.

Many of you are becoming

drawn tosubjects such as ecology, peace movement,

science, technology, psychology,
metaphysics, and other areas
that assist in bringing a
new vision for humanity.
Imagine for a moment
you are walking up a huge beautiful mountain.
You see that there are many people in front of you and there is also many people behind you.
See these people ahead of you turning back
and sending you love, light and energy.
This radiance is lighting up your path and making your journey easier. You can see with an increased level of clarity and as you continue you feel more sure of yourself.
Now imagine
you are the one turning back and sending this love,
light and energy to those that are behind you on their path up the mountian. See yourself broadcasting
your wisdom and encouragement
and it lights up the path for those who are following where
you have just tread.Please know that you do not need to
make your spiritual journey alone; there have been countless of souls in y
our reality and
in much higher realms
that have gone before you and are lighting their path now for you. As you continue to grow and evolve, you also will
reach out to many and assist in their journey also.

Take a look one step behind you

and see that there are hundreds
of thousands of souls awakening
right now on earth. Remember that moment just before you awoke to your own path of spiritual growth.
There are many thousands on earth
right now who are at that exact level of awakening. They may not know where to turn or what information
to seek. They are at the beginning
of their unfolding journey
of inner divine truth and love.
See yourself reaching out
to assist them, and they will inturn
reach out to others
as they continue to evolve
into higher and finer states of consciousness.Can you see how the beautiful unfoldment
of evolving consciousness expands
outwards and upwards? I
t really is the most beautiful time
to be on earth right now and to be assisting
the evolution of humanity.
You are very loved and supported in your mission.
All is as it should be
all is well.

With divine love and light~ Abigail