Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 2/2/12

As channeled through Greg Giles

The way in which humanity handles their time
in the coming days ahead
will affect how they will experience
the days between now and ascension.
Be that as many variables are in place, humanity is in the position
to alter their experience in many ways.
The different ways that you can experience your days ahead
include not only when certain events
will transpire, but how these events will unfold.
If the majority of humanity
reacts in fear to our presence
and to the changes scheduled for you,
this will, of course, hamper the efforts of ourselves
and our Earth allies.
Along with fear comes distrust, and if the people of your world
cannot find a way to trust us
to assist you in the many avenues of progress,
then changes are going to be slowed considerably.
We will not go as far as to say that change for the better
will be stopped completely,
as these changes are vitally necessary for your upliftment,
and in some cases, these changes
are necessary for your continued
Take for example your governments and the dark forces that control them almost completely. Without the removal of these forces from their positions of power, humanity would face certain major restrictions to your freedom.
The cabal has very sinister plans for you all
and suffice it to say that without intervention your planet would soon be turned into one large prison
run by a few leaders and their minions.
Another area that needs direct attention
is your suffering environment,
as your ecosystems balance precariously
between survival and
complete destruction.
This is due not only to neglect by so many governments and their industrial machines, but also due to the purposeful efforts to sabotage the environment by the same ruling members of the dark cabal who wish to further control you by making you dependent on them for your sheer survival.
We, the Galactic Federation of Light,
stand ready to land on your soil and begin immediately to implement these much needed changes. We have all our Earth allies in place awaiting the signal that all are ready to proceed to
the next phase of the overall plan. Are you ready?
It is vital to this operation that a preponderance of humanity
is prepared to accept us and be able to cope psychologically
with the radical changes to their world
they will witness taking place before them.
When a being sees before his or her very eyes
everything they have come to understand
as their one true reality change on any level,
this experience can be quite disturbing.
Many of your world have slept through
not only this incarnation,
but many more leading up to
this sudden ‘shaking out of bed’.
We wish these changes to be smooth,
and we wish only for all of your people to easily accept and
even enjoy seeing all the ills of their world cured for
the benefit of all beings on your planet.
We understand fully
this is not very likely to occur, as our monitoring services see many of your people reacting in total fear and panic at
the revelation of our presence in your world.
This is a fact we will have to accept as we go ahead
with the much-anticipated disclosure phase of our operation.
What we can hope for is
to see our many Lightworkers
who have incarnated just for this reason
leap into action and calm the fears
of your fellow
brothers and sisters.
That is where our hope lies at this point. This is the greatest variable in our overall plan. Most other areas of our overall mission will fall like perfectly aligned dominoes, but one of our only real concerns is whether enough of our ground crew members will answer the call of service at this time. This call is going out now, and our eyes are upon you all. Your services are the crucial piece to this puzzle, and it is you that now take center stage.
You are needed to respond and be there
for your brothers and your sisters at their time of need. You have been briefed many times and all of you should know what to do by this point.
Many of you have taken the time to inform yourselves about what is going on around you at this time, and you will use your acquired wisdom to help inform your brethren as knowledge is power.
When enough of your people more fully understand the events transpiring around them, a sudden calm will wash over your planet,
rinsing the fear away and
leaving only a peaceful serenity
as our new environment where we can
more easily work together on
all the necessary changes scheduled for your world.
We are ready on our end to proceed with the next phase
of the operation.
We await you on your end to ‘set the table’,
as it were,
and prepare enough of the others for our arrival.
Our monitoring services are busy compiling regular readings
of your collective consciousness,
and we are very happy to report to you that your steadfast efforts
are making
such tremendous progress
each and every day.
Continue in your efforts, as the reward for your people and planet are great and are many. You are about to enter a new age of great advancement in your collective experience. Many of you will marvel at the wonders in store for you, and we are just as excited as many of you are to get underway with the implementation of these changes.
We are keeping a close eye on the Cabal and their still many minions, and we are also very happy to report to you that they are no longer considered any kind of a threat to you.
We have systematically dismantled entire squadrons of their fighting forces,
and we have also destroyed much of their weaponry, either ground-based or space-based.
These dark ones will not be any obstacle in our way to facilitate the many changes, and they will not be any hindrance to your ascension into the higher realms. This was one of our main reasons for being here at this time, and we wish you to know that this phase of our mission has met with considerable success.
We look forward
to many more successes
on our joint endeavor,
and we are quite eager
to get underway with many of them.
We now look to you for the green light. You are not waiting on us. Clear the path for our reunion now. You have trained for this assignment and you are being called to duty.
Our eyes are upon you as you clear the way
of the last quarter-mile.
It is time to push ahead with all you have and push through the last barrier that stands in your way of your new lives.
We wish for nothing more at this time than to see you appear through the other side of the wall that has kept you from us for so many long years.
You are almost there.
It is time now to complete the initial phase of your assignment.
We know you can do it.
That is why you are here.
You have been carefully chosen out of many to be here at this time, and we have just as much confidence in you today as we did during the selection process.
We know you will succeed,
as many of you have done so many times before.
We will see you soon.
We are the Galactic Federation of Light.
As channeled through Greg Giles