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As we accelerate into the new paradigm, there are various rules of  existence we need to become fully aware of. One of them is how to consciously choose where we want to go from here  at an individual level.  There won’t be an outside force that will  “choose us”, it is us, individually, who will make the choice.

The basics to see what choice we are making, and all of these are honorable evolutionary journeys, are:

1. Service to Others and Service to Self

This is in a duality existence. In order to be of service to others,  we need individuals who are either asleep, or in a bit of a pickle, that  we can give service to. By default, this means we also need oppressors and dark  beings who are trying their hardest to keep others subdued, asleep and enslaved.

Service to Self is the same as above. To create a challenge, we need  individuals over whom we can have power over, and will need “battles” to fight, thus we need lightworkers as well as Bodhisattvas to have  competition and battle against.  This includes giving our power away to “saviors” or “Gods”.

2. Power of Self

This is where this particular planet wants to go. In this planet,  each individual become fully awake, and able to create his or her own  reality, there is no judgment, and no capacity to have power over others, or have  others have power over us. The veil is lifted completely at a personal  level as well as a collective level. The “physicality” of the planet, and our  physical bodies, is much more subtle and pliable. The vibration much  higher, thus allowing beings to be fully awake. We step out of the stuck-ness of  “linear time” and space.  It is an experience of expanded physical and collective existence.  And we make conscious choices, rather than  programmed or unconscious choices.


No matter what we choose, it is important to remember that each human  being is an extremely powerful being. No one can be forced to have a  reality experience that he or she has not chosen. At the same time, during the  last paradigm, the “powers that were” worked very hard to keep us, as a  human collective, in the dark about our true nature, and ability to “vote”  where we go as a species.  But instead have steered the “boat” with  direct influence via the media, religion, social and cultural beliefs and  education.  Vibrationally, they are keeping the physical very dense by  the use of dense and polluted diet, drugs and chemicals in our food and water  and the pollution of our environment.  This way, they can “use” our personal power for their own ends.  The power of each individual is the  same, only “who” uses it changes.

Remember the basics of “ascension” (expansion of awareness)

1. Raise your personal vibration via processing your fear (full text  of fear processing exercise in the Tools menu tab of the site).

2. Raise your physical vibration via regular detoxification programs,  use of pure water (chemical free), and high vibrational foods.

3. Twenty minutes minimum daily silent meditation.

4. Balance and get in tune with your physical and subtle bodies. You can use the Ascension101 Course for this, or look for other tools on the internet.

5. Ask to fully incarnate your higher self into your present physical  body. And process any thoughts of doubt or inability that comes up when  you read that.

Have a wonderful experience of fully conscious choice!