I had this vision  ( feb. 01 , 2012 ) with the messageI ( read below) I wrote it that same morning, posted it, and now I am seeing it in action and I understand that i had been advised that it was hapening .Here is my blog of my vision Feb. 01 , 2012.

                                (note : I really don’t have  much  experience in writing ,

                                           so please forgive my mistakes . Thanks! )

Some messages in part or in total CAN be false informations.CAN be ,not necessarelyI think the so called  ”Captain  Grener” was not from the light.  I am shure some or many of them (Channelers ), are completely right on.  It is very hard to know,unless each of us develop our inner connection with Higher Self.

  • Does this feel relax ?

  • Does it feel peaceful ?

  • Does this feel uplifting ?

  • Do I feel like I have to rush ?

  • Do I feel loved just the way I am?

  • Do I feel like ” I can’t change my mind now ” or else it would create something negative ?

  • Do I feel free   or   trapped ?

  • Emotionnal or peaceful ?

  • Full of love or full of fears and worries ?



The greys were behind a white wall and their eyes I could see (trough this white foggy,cloudy thick false wall).  those with smaller eyes , angry face,sour expression .

They where messing with our minds and those who channelled  for us.

Much Love ,Light ,guidance ,wisdom & intuition  in our ascension !

Soon they will be out of our dream.

Lucie Vaillancourt ,  february, first , two thousand -twelve.