Going Through the Void~

The void is a state of consciousness you can go into to expand beyond you current limits, let go of old things, and move to your next level of growth. In the void you leave behind familiar structures, habits, thoughts, behavior, and attitudes, and go deep within to create new ones that match your higher vibration. In this state you can receive insights and do much inner work. It can last for minutes, hours, days, or even months. You will experience the void throughout your spiritual journey. It is your ability to live near the void, go into it at will, and make it your friend that will assist you in growing even faster and with more joy.

Imagine a bird flying happily in a jet stream. It looks upward, and sees a higher path and flys to the higher one. However, conditions between the two paths are uncertain. It may hit turbulence and fall below the original path temporarily. It may be carried way above the higher path or find that the space between

has very little air flow, making normal flight more difficult. By leaving the familiar jet stream, the bird learns much about itself. It discovers more about flying and the conditions that can affect its flight. Eventually it is able to stabilize and fly easily in the higher flow. Its experience is similar to what you encounter when you are in the void.

The void occurs when you are letting go of an aspect of your personality self that no longer fits who you are becoming. It represents a new level of surrendering your personality to the guidance of you Higher Self; it is the birth of a new part of your Higher Self into this reality.

The void is a state of transition and change.

You will experience the void again and again as you grow. In this state you may feel that your life is changing rapidly, something new is coming, or your foundations are falling away, leaving you nothing solid to hang on to. You may feel like something is happening inside but not see any changes in your life yet. It is not a comfortable place for your personality, which likes things to be certain and secure.

The void can come when you are between projects, have just had your last child leave home, or have quit a job and do not yet know what to do next. One of your close friends may have left or you need to move or find a new home. It sometimes feels like you are entering a new world where the game is played differe

ntly and you don’t yet know the rules.

Every void is marked by issues of the heart. You will find your self asking deep questions, such as, “How can I love and accept myself more? Am I lovable? Who am I? Can I have what I want? What would I love to do with my life?” You may find that you feel softer and more loving towards others in this time of uncertainty. You are raising your vibration, expanding beyond old habits and patterns.

The void can make you feel much less social than normal. If you have always been in relationships, you may find yourself living alone or without a primary relationship. You may feel more distant from you husband or wife, even while you feel increased love for him or her. In the void you may have less desire than usual for intimate physical contact, which intertwines your aura with another’s. During the time of the void you are clearing your aura of other people’s energy as part of the process of raising your vibration.

You may feel empty or lonely inside even when surrounded by people. You may want more time alone. The desire to be alone, even feelings of loneliness, are reflections of your deepening desire to connect with your Higher Self. In your deeper wisdom, you know that your connection to others is not a substitute for a deeper connection to your higher Self. As you spend time alone, you get to know yourself better. It is a time to know your feelings and thoughts, to think about what you want to do with your life. As you begin to know and make friends with yourself, your feelings of loneliness decrease.

You may feel physically different-over energized or wanting sleep more than usual. Sleep provides time for inner work to take place, and you may need more sleep to intergrate all the internal changes that are going on. Some people worry because they have less energy than normal and can’t explain why. If you don’t honor the need for rest, you may find yourself getting minor illnesses to keep you quiet. Some people create back pain or various physical injuries that require them to take time off from their work and give them time to rest and think.

In the process of raising your vibration, you sometimes pass through a period of confusion. In the void the new is not yet established and the old hasn’t yet left; they exist side by side. This can create confusion until you sort things out.

Your moods may be inconsistent. You may feel more emotional than usual, or feel very little emotion about anything. As your internal work grows more intense, your mind may feel different. The void is a time when you are learning to think in new ways. Because of this, it may be harder to think in the old ways. You might have moments when you have trouble thinking clearly, or you may forget things you knew the day before. You may wonder if you are losing your memory. You may have more trouble than usual making quick decisions or knowing what you want. Yet, there will be periods of great clarity with new insights and ideas pouring through. You may even have times when you remember long-forgotten events from your past.

In the void your thoughts may be different than usual, as if you are measuring things by a new standard. It is as if you are shining a powerful light on your life and seeing things in a new way. You may be examining everything in your life, deciding what to keep and what to let go of. You may even feel that things are falling apart or that things you took for granted aren’t working theway they used to.

There comes a time when the vision of where you want to be requires you to let go of s

omething you created. the void teaches you about your attachments. It is a time of examining your relationships, feelings, attitudes, and values, replacing those that no longer serve ou with ones that do.

Orin~Spritual growth

Dear beautiful souls of light. What amazing times of transition and change we are in right now. We are here moving into such beautiful ways of being. Into unity consciousness. I am honored to be flying this journey with my fellow beings of earth. YOU are not alone ever in this, for we are forever ONE. I spread my wings out and embrace you in divine love. I am honored to to journeying to higher levels of consciosness and in the fequency of love you you by my side. We are in it together. Thank you for being the beautiful and shining soul that you are.

With divine love and gratitude~ Abigail ♥