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Did you know that Sasquatch can:



Project Their Voice

Create Infrasound that affects the environment

De-materialize at will, or cause you to have an experience of lost time so you think they de-materialized.

Travel 300 miles a day on foot.

Live in well-lighted underground facilities

Contact and live with Star People

Tell us about our past and our future

Meeting the Sasquatch

It all began with an email. A person I do not know contacted me in an email and asked me how I communicate with dolphins. He was seeking advice and suggestions because he said, “I am trying to communicate with Bigfoot and I was wondering how you communicate with dolphins.”

I read the email twice and wondered if the writer was joking. So I answered it cautiously. Yes, I communicate by using body language, swimming the way they swim, diving with them, and trying to match their pod behavior. It seems to work, they come very close to me.

To my surprise the person wrote back with even more enthusiasm and proceeded to describe his interactions with the Sasquatch. Explaining, he is feeding them by using a box he made that requires delicate fingers to open the catch-lock on the box to get to the food. They are opening the box in a way no other animal could and so he was very excited about that. Now my curiosity was aroused and so I asked him many more questions. Soon an on-going correspondence was initiated and I learned many things about Sasquatch.

Are Sasquatch in Hawaii?

In June 2005, I flew to a neighboring island to see if I could initiate contact … in the same way I had begun my contact with dolphins:
I would go into their environment, remain alone and quiet, speak to them telepathically and listen for anything they wanted to give me, show me.

I spent a week in a one-person tent in the jungle, very naive about whom the Sasquatch really are and what to expect. Later, upon returning home I began to read books such as Bigfoot Memoirs by Stan Johnsonand learned that my experience in the jungle was filled with Sasquatch contact. Their contact is a different type of communication than human interactions. As a way of announcing their presence and also determining if I am really interested, they made strong noxious smells one night all around me. I could not determine the source of that odor – it was so strong I couldn’t sleep. Naively I blamed it on something in the air from industry. (In these pristine jungles??) Or thought that someone had left an old smelly sneaker in the jungle somewhere near my tent. They created or facilitated the sound of trees falling to the ground with loud crashes. In the morning there were no trees on the ground. They made sounds like crooning birds, high-pitched, haunting and a bit spooky, in the middle of the night, while the birds themselves were quiet. And one night they touched me. In my tiny tent I was asleep, when I awoke because someone was pushing on my shoulder. Momentarily I thought I was at home where my friendly donkeys often nudge my shoulders. Then, realizing where I was, I sat up quickly and opened my tent flap to look around. No one there. All quiet.

Sasquatch Write and Send Gifts

I began to learn all that I could about the Sasquatch from other people’s experiences. A new friend who lives on the edge of the woods told me the Sasquatch live near her and she knows them. I sent her one of my dolphin books to give as a gift to the Sasquatch.

Two weeks later, I received a gift in return. The Sasquatch had chosen a rock for me. A heavy quartz rock, weighing 5 pounds with many little crystal bits within it, gleaming in the light. Along with it came a piece of crumbled paper. On it was the carefully printed words: FOR WATER WOMAN.




Could this be true? I was still doubting the veracity of this.

It came from the Medicine Woman of the Sasquatch family in a southeastern location of America near my friend who I will call, Susan to ensure her privacy. Apparently the great grandmothers of this Sasquatch family have had contact with white people and learned to read and write in English although they had their own language as well. This may not be true of all Sasquatch people, but it is definitely true of this clan. Having read my book, or at least receiving it, and understanding who I am, through some inner sensing abilities, they named me, Water Woman.

Incredulous as it sounded, I withheld judgment until I could learn more.

I Travel To Their Forest Home

After two months, Susan invited me to visit her at her home. I immediately said yes to the kind invitation. I had many questions to ask. Through her stories, I had learned to love and admire this mysterious race of tall, hairy people called Bigfoot. I chose not to use that name because it sounded somewhat demeaning. (Their feet are not large for their height and weight. They are in perfect proportion. They only are large compared to human feet.)

When I arrived at my friend’s home, she had told the Sasquatch that Water Woman was coming. There were two more gifts to welcome me. One was a small, delicately carved white bone image of a thunderbird. It was from the Sasquatch chief and he called it a Dream Bird. He said the Little People carved it for him to give to me. The other was a crystal cluster, given to me by the Medicine Woman. It is beautiful. Looking like a diamond city with crystal spires of all sizes. I was deeply moved by these kind gifts. The note that accompanied them brought tears to my eyes as I read the last line: GOD BLESS YOU WATER WOMAN. They seemed to know me although we had never met in person. I began to wonder how I could ever express my gratitude to these special people or what gift I could give them in exchange. Of course, they asked for nothing.

Susan is a very kind and giving person. She had enlarged her garden to allow the harvest for all of the Sasquatch as well as her own family. In addition, she would cook for them and bring dinners outdoors to a picnic table in the woods. She would leave it there and return to her house, allowing the Sasquatch to enjoy the food at their leisure and in privacy. She even provided large plastic bags for them to take the leftovers back to the forest.

At Susan’s house there were many farm animals, tame and gentle. They provided milk, eggs and companionship to Susan and her husband. Since my plan was to go camping in the woods, Susan gave me quarts of fresh goat milk to take with me for my cooler. It was delicious beyond anything you could buy in a store! The lone goat was giving milk although she was not pregnant or lactating with young. I learned that many magical things can happen out of the ordinary when Sasquatch become your friends.

Some of Susan’s cats had been brought there by the Sasquatch Medicine Woman who had found them and knew they needed care. The Sasquatch would leave healing herbs and roots on the kitchen table at night while the family slept. These herbs were to help any family member or animal on the farm that were sick. They were usually brewed into a tea by Susan. Some were for a poultice.

The Medicine Wheels

On the land there were two medicine wheels. One that was made by the Sasquatch many months before, and a second one that was made the night before I arrived. Medicine Wheels are not fully understood by most people. Some say, they symbolize cosmic connections and our relationship to the sun; others say it represents a symbol of Harmony and Oneness or about ‘walking the Earth with reverence, with healthy minds and inner peace, honoring the connection between spirit and nature, by awakening our memories and manifesting our dreams.The Sasquatch said that these rock and shell and wood circles, describing the four directions, serve as Portals. You can go through them — but be aware! You may not be able to come back! The Sasquatch call this other world, the Sometime Place.

I don’t know all the meanings and purposes of the Medicine Wheels, but the Sasquatch sometimes make these Medicine Wheels as a sign that they had been on the land near you. They often re-arrange them each time they come by. Since they are mostly nocturnal, these changes occur at night.


The Sasquatch Family

Susan had come to know and love the Sasquatch family of which there were 33 including a few who are pregnant. All of their spiritual activities and understandings were new to Susan who had been raised in a southern, traditional, religious church and was often surprised by the metaphysical explanations and behaviors of the Sasquatch families. In many cases it seemed they were influenced by the Native American culture, but as time went on and I learned more about the history of Sasquatch, I began to think that the Sasquatch were most likely the Ones who influenced the Native peoples in all countries. They said that they were here before the Ice Age and they were like us at that time.

Sasquatch Foot and Hand Prints


Have lived here longer than the human race.