❤ Dolphin Wisdom; A message from beyond the break. By, AuroRa Le. April 4, 2012..

EXCERPT : …..“Oh, no, no, no that’s not how it’s designed to be at all!  You must rediscover play.  Remember when you were a little child, and play was your primary means of learning?  Will it stun you to know that you have come round full-circle, and it is to be this way again???  Not at some far-flung linear point in the future when you see the world as born anew, but right now.   Through play you have the ultimate tool to access the abundance of knowledge that the Universe has placed at your fingertips.  A game or an art will project your expanding consciousness to the levels needed, which will enable you to thrive on the New Earth.  Imagine that you travel the oceans with us, and lose your illusions and heartaches in this dream.  You must find yourselves again in play.”

So, it’s that simple?  What about responsibility, like earning money and cleaning the house?  The majority of the people feel really trapped in the old lifestyle.

“It’s that simple.”…..)