Drake on Wolf Spirit Radio 4-29-12… Get Your Red Hot MP3s here, folks!!!

Posted on April 29, 2012

This Wolf Spirit Radio is today’s (4-29-12) Drake (and Deatra-Muggsy-Dave) radio show. As in the previous Drake radio show, I’m listening to this now.

Thanks to Geek Kish for recording the show live, and sending the original mp3s to me in 5 neatly organized parts. I removed all music and leveled out the volumes somewhat. Anyone wishing to get the original mp3s may go here: http://www.wolfspiritradio.com/archive/dl.php?id=Freedom_Reigns.

I do know that Part 1 has information about what our “off-planet-currently-on-planet” friends are doing for us. Part 2 includes recent updates about arrests, etc. Part 3 includes information about mortgages, prisons-for-profit, Iceland (9 min.), advantages of possessing silver coins (10:45), chemtrails (14:30). (I’m still listening to that right now)

In general, there is more information and discussion about various scenarios that may come up when the “mass arrests” occur.

One reason I feel Drake’s information in these recordings is important is that it can assist us, and inspire us, to envision, in a very concrete way, what our next world will be like, and, in a practical sense, help us through the coming transition period on this planet.

[Note about the recordings: First of all, many thanks to Geek Kish for recording the show live, and sending me the mp3s. All music was removed and the volumes were leveled somewhat. Also some of the “hamsters” were removed from the end of Part 1. Each segment is about 30 minutes, 5 MB (except part 5 which is 44 minutes), total show time = 2 hours 40 minutes.]


MP3s Links (click to listen in a new tab or window; right-click and Save-As to download)
Part 1 (~30 min., 4-5 MB)
Part 2 (~30 min., 4-5 MB)
Part 3 (~30 min., 4-5 MB)
Part 4 (~30 min., 4-5 MB)
Part 5 (44 min., 7.5 MB)

[ps: this was post 1331 (a 4-4) posted at 16:27 = 42:32 = 24:32 (Love those numbers!)]