Buckle Up for June – by James Gilland |

2012: What’s the ‘real’ truth?

Posted on May 25, 2012


It has been an interesting May

with  the Solar Eclipse

and the alignment with the Pleiades, Alcyon.

Several CMEs – coronal mass ejections –

have also shifted the energies.

We are seeing another major time compression

where days seem like hours,  weeks like days and

  months like weeks.  Many are reporting contacts with

Angelic realms, Ascended Masters,

spiritually and technologically advanced off worlders,

our ancient ancestors, as well as

some of what was thought to be mythical Gods of old.



In meditations people are seeing

visions of Poseidon,

now Prometheus,

Egyptian Gods in what seems

to be a great reunion.

Prometheus the God of fire

might just be warning us

about the upcoming

Solar Flares

just as Poseidon warned us about

the tsunamis in the past.

On a more scientific




Solar Cycle 24

has fully kicked in

and according to NASA it is

expected to be 50% stronger

than 23; which unleashed

monumental flares.

I would not have

any expectations  for the electrical

and communication grid

to go  unaffected

or even  go down

now and then possibly for



The GPS equipment

and cell phones

are already

having problems along the equator

due to massive energy bands

forming which seem to reverse direction

wreaking havoc on airlines

and other modalities

of travel depending on

GPS for navigation.

Earthquakes in areas

never before seen are unfolding

and with these flares will come and increase

in erratic weather, tornadoes,

hurricanes, quakes


volcanic activity.



There will also be major social

and economic changes

as well as personal relationship changes

all having to do with this process.

The Earth is ascending,

raising her frequencies, people and institutions

that do not align with the Earth’s evolution

and are not frequency specific

will not be able to maintain with these

new energies.


We are getting overwhelmed

with emails from people going through

their dark night of the soul,

trying to hold on to the past

and refusing to let go of their comfort zones

and embrace the changes gracefully.

We are doing our best to help those in transition

yet we are also having our own challenges

and will continue to send out personal healing practices

empowering people to heal themselves

as well as knowledge about these changes to help in the transition.

It is good to know

you are not alone in these challenges

and the greatest healer you

will ever encounter is within.

We also acknowledge there is a time to assist

as we are assisted thus we offer

various modalities of

healing at

the Ranch.

in june we will have

a full moon lunar eclipse

on the 4th

followed by a Venus transit.

We do live in an electric universe,

the Moon and Venus will bridge other cosmic

and solar energies to Earth.

It seems the whole timeless multiverse with all of its Gods

and ultradimensional beings are coming to the party.

The multidimensional light and energy ships

are being seen around the world

with major cities observing large motherships

and in some cases fleets.




Those who are spiritual advanced and sensitive

are fully aware of this phenomena.

Looks like SETI members, debunkers

and disinformation folks are jumping ship

and don’t want to be caught with egg on there faces.

Local news stations are covering these events

yet national news is still following

the corporate agenda holding tight

to the powers that were agenda.

This will not last

much longer.


As Baba ji said, ”

It is time to lovingly

and joyously prepare, physically,

mentally and emotionally.”

Do not forget all aspects in preparation

because those who prepare physically

and do not release the past preparing mentally,

emotionally and spiritually

will not endure or be frequency specific

to the Earth’s evolution.

It is also good to remember Confucius,

” Man with head in clouds, stumble in ditch.”





Get in touch with the Earth,

put in your gardens, get access for

fresh water,

set aside some supplies for any disruptions

and work together

in the days to come.

You cannot

eat your paper money

or your plastic especially

if the grid goes down.

Also remember gas and water pumps

wont work not to mention sewage

that needs to be pumped.

Not a good note to end this message.




It is imperative you do not  get into fear,

do not fall for the feel good prophets  promoting a false

sense of security that will tell you

everything will continue uninterrupted due to saviors

or those who tell you

the Earth is finished

along with all of its inhabitants.

She will go on

and on yet we have to be realistic.

We all are involved in a major cycle,

she is expanding,

growing, shifting,

shaking and cleansing.




If you look at what has been done

to the air, water,

land, forests, oceans

it is inevitable a major cleansing

is necessary for her to continue

to be the platform for life and support us

in our own cleansing and healing process.

What if on the other side of this process

was a polluted,desolate planet?

We all have to flow with these


release the past,

let go of our comfort zones

establishing and acting on our own

inner guidance.




Do not be a lemming

of social consciousness

or follow the herd of the

cliff of social,

economic and environmental collapse.

Discontinue any action that is not in

the highest  and best good

of Humanity  and the Earth.

Your TV

is not going to tell you

what you need to know in the days to come.

Between now and November

we are going to go through

what would have taken a thousand years

in months.


Be well, be safe,

tune in





Permission to pass this message far and wide, granted.


James Gilliland