A Visitation from Hundreds of Light Beings!!

Publiée le 14 juin 2012 par

Publiée le 14 juin 2012 par

I was getting my daughter ready for a bath when we noticed multi-colored lights on the wall. I quickly received the inner message to grab my camera and started photographing them. My daughter then yelled “Look, look Mom, don’t take pictures of the wall, look at All the Angels that have come to see us! You can touch them and they are here for us!”

We were suddenly enveloped in what I can only describe as hundreds of multi-colored Light particles! (orbs!) The room looked as if it were snowing inside because they were coming in so fast and just swirling around us as if they were moving to the sound of their own symphony! and according to my daughter there was a melody that accompanied them although I could only hear the ringing in my right ear!

They brought a message of Love, Healing and Hope for All of Humanity and want You All to know that they ARE HERE! closer to us than they have ever been! All we need to do is open up our Hearts to receive them! ♥

Love and Light! ♥