Sgt Cifford Stone has Been Threatened

I am publishing this as I think it is important for all to know how lightworkers and light warriors are treated and threatened, please send him your love and support … Laura

Penny T :

Please read and share, Sgt Cifford Stone has been threatened, to shut up and stop talking. He has asked (see below) that we share this around FB, the more people that know of him and his risk the safer he will be ♥

Clifford Stone
Thank you for asking. Please watch my facebook in the next serval days, as I have been targetted by the drug carntell. You know I won’t run away. If it is war they wish, they have it. Remember me as I was, not as the media may try to show me. I am about to become volient, and as you and my kids from job corps know this is not my nature. Know that no one see my back. When confronted by a threat, I face it head on. This is what I you and the kids at Roswell Job Corps and Must do the same. All that shared with you and the kids at Roswell Job Corps is the reason thy are after me. Please pass this on. I shall stand my ground until the death. Would you believe it has to do with grage collection? God Bless, Cliff (Stony)
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2012 -02:47:32 -0700

Clifford Stone
Please understand, I do not know how to run away. when confronted with a threat, I stand and fight. For the last 5 weeks, my grage has not been collected. Today, I watched, they picked up the puck and dropped it and drove off. Within in an hour, I was visited and told to stop talking. I steppped out side of my door and hit the gentleman in the nose. It bleed badly. Sorry, folks, but I refusd to be threaten, I will fight back. Little things lead to bigger things, as I was told. Iwill not run, I will fight back, but I do not want to hurt innocense poeple in that fight. By you people knowing, this is my protection and my defense. Come tomorrow, I start fighting back and I know all Hell is about to be loosed upon me and the world needs to know why. Please share this e-mail. God Bless, CliffDate: Thu, 19 Jul 2012 17:34:06 -0700

Thanks to  Laura for sharing and for your intro ! God Bless & protect Sgt. Clifford Stone. Aho ! Messagia