Posted on 2012/11/06

by kauilapele

American Kabuki sent me this document written by someone named “daniel” (also I found at Removing the Shackles). According to what Daniel says in this document, he “worked as a technician on the Phoenix III project (more commonly known as the time travel aspect of the Montauk Project),” and has “first-hand knowledge of what was going on and what they were trying to do.” “Phoenix III was a covert attempt to determine the nature of time…”

As I read this, I found much very interesting information. And I feel it explains much, at least in a 3D type of way, about what is occurring on this planet now, and about how all of the aspects Daniel mentions in the title (Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP,World Orders, Time Lines and Ascension), are related.

Here is a link to the full pdf file.

And here are a couple highlights,

  • Research into the strange weather being seen around the world (including the effects thereof; red rain, abiotic stress of plants with “sudden death,” extreme levels of radiation and ultraviolet light to name but the few) may have turned up what is going on… and it ties in with the old Montauk project.
  • In Reciprocal System (RS) physics… applied… to astronomy… a different mechanism for stellar combustion… Combustion is based on exploding atoms—fission, not fusion—and that led to the conclusion that astronomers have the stellar (and galactic) evolutionary sequences backwards!
  • …from a corrected stellar evolution, one conclusion is obvious: global warming is not due to flatulent cows, but to the fact the sun is getting hotter, and will continue to get hotter.
  • In the RS, when you accelerate matter past the speed of light it becomes radioactive—it emits radio waves while it is throwing off particles.
  • …the sun will suddenly jump up in stellar class, and remain there… The sun will go dark… and when it starts to light up again, there will be a huge burst of x-rays from the sun,
  • After the transition is complete, the sun will be physically larger, brighter (more white than yellow) and hotter than before—and it is going to stay that way.
  • What will happen is that… the gravitational balance of the solar system will change… the sun will literally push the planets further outward in their orbits in compensation—the year will get longer… the planet will survive and establish a new ecosystem—but a different one.

Click here to download the full pdf file