What is the Third Eye Chakra?

The third eye, or brow, chakra is located in the forehead, between and slightly above the eyebrows. Its keywords are “insight,” “intellect,” and “intuition.” Its associated color is indigo, and its element is


The Sanskrit name of the sixth chakra is Ajna, meaning “command” or “perception.” The chakra of mind, Ajna helps us think clearly.

It also helps us see clearly, both physically and psychically. It supports imagination, awareness of the subtle/energetic world, intuitive knowing, and inner vision. When you see something “with your mind’s eye,” you are seeing it with the Ajna chakra.

Sixth-chakra intuition and wisdom are universal and transcendent in nature. The 6th chakra, when highly developed, elevates consciousness and confers deep spiritual insight and awareness. Perception of non-ordinary reality may accompany this.

The third eye chakra is a main point for external life energy (prana, chi) to enter and be distributed to the other chakras. It is also a key to ongoing spiritual development. Thus, keeping it as clear and balanced as possible is very important.

Is Your Third Eye Chakra Healthy?

Someone with a clear, balanced, and developed brow chakra usually has a keen intellect balanced with strong intuitive abilities. This might be summed up as “wisdom.” They often have a good imagination and can visualize things easily. A strong sixth chakra often confers the ability to “grasp the big picture,” as well as that prized but elusive thing called “vision.” When the sixth chakra is highly developed, a person will have expanded spiritual awareness and insight, and may be able to perceive and influence non-ordinary planes. Words that might be used to describe a person with a strong, healthy, balanced, clear third eye chakra would include intelligent, intuitive, clear, wise, insightful, and spiritually aware.

10 Ways to Clear and Balance Your Third Eye Chakra

So you’d like more clarity, insight, wisdom, intuition, and spiritual awareness? Here are ten ideas for clearing and balancing your Third Eye chakra, helping you achieve these sacred intentions:
Ask the universe a question, then patiently wait and watch for the answer. Be prepared to wait from seconds to days, and to have the answer come from within or without.
Keep a dream journal.

Imagine your head as a balloon. Allow it to float to an upright position, positioning your ears directly over your shoulders. Do this often to train yourself to maintain good spinal alignment.
Meditate, focusing your attention in the center of your head at the level of (or slightly above) the eyebrows.
Wear or decorate a room in a shade of indigo (deep blue) that is pleasing to you. Allow it to remind you of your intention to develop your third eye.
Use the brow chakra essential oils of jasmine or vanilla. (Don’t apply directly to skin.)
Close your eyes. Systematically relax all the external muscles around your eyes. Then soften the internal eye muscles, feeling the relaxation penetrate deep into your head. Rest like this for a while. Notice any images that arise in your mind’s eye.
Draw or do another art form that requires close observation and concentration.
Go star-gazing.

Repeat an affirmation such as:

“My mind is clear and agile.”

“I have keen insight and intuition.”

“I see clearly both in the physical and subtle worlds.”

“I see and understand the “big picture.””

“My intellect is a powerful tool for good.”

“I envision and create beauty and goodness.”

“I am open to experiencing non-ordinary reality.”

“My imagination is vivid and powerful.”

“I am open to the wisdom within me.”

“I am open to greater and greater spiritual awareness.”

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