Melody Ables posts us this image by Zef Damen, with these links and covering text –
The Star of David Planetary Alignments
An event that may be pointing us to when this time period may occur is the 13th Star of David alignment. I believe God in His infinite wisdom, power, and grace has placed celestial sign markers in the heavens that point to and correspond to significant prophetic events. An example of this is the famous star of Bethlehem—a celestial sign to the world of the birth of Christ. (For a fascinating and thorough explanation of this celestial event I recommend viewing the DVD, The Star of Bethlehem by Frederick Larson)

Celestial researcher Luis Vega has documented a special alignment of the planets that he calls the Star of David planetary alignment. It occurs when certain planets form a geometric configuration of “2 interlocking triangles that have 6 equidistant points within a 360 degree circle. One triangle is facing up & the other facing down in a 2-dimensional aspect ratio.”

Mr. Vega has identified that 12 of these alignments have occurred since 1990 and a 13th will begin on July 22, 2013, and another will not occur for at least 100 years. He has also identified that the last 12 have had significant troublous events occur after their appearance. I would highly recommend reading his research and viewing his diagrams at these links.

Research: … Star-a.pdf

Diagrams: … s/Star.pdf … 49234.html