Heart Star

Dear friends,

I’ll continue my posts about star family contact soon, but for now, wish to share a meditation with you, especially for the coming fortnight. ❤

Following recent dreams/visions of Mt Fuji in Japan, I had a meditation image this morning of a Heart Pool Temple (see below). I often see it with Earth floating above the pool, and it shows me the state of the planet. Today, a whale swam around the Earth, in a spiral way, and as it swam, all the waters of the planet, including in the bodies of all living beings, filled with white shining light, the Light of Ascension.
Also, the face of Dr Emoto (who dedicated his earthly life to revealing the way consciousness affects and is ‘in’ water, and who passed out of physical a few days ago) was there…he smiled and gave his blessing, in a role of overseeing the…

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