Excerpt : …” We’ve spoken before of breathing in golden light, into the ‘well’ in your heart’s centre, your storage centre of Source’s love, and rippling this light throughout your body and being (and to all beings, all life). You can feel it and visualize it like the photo at the airport, a burst of golden heart love radiating out from your core, filling your being, and exploding out. A Love explosion! Gabriel speaks also of another well, the Well of Dreams Chakra (a chakra of the new higher frequency template which you can read about in previous posts) which is situated in the brain stem/hindbrain area. This chakra is overwriting the old survival/fear ‘programming’ of the reptilian hindbrain, which sends messages down the spinal energetic channel to the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras. What you ‘put in this well’ is important, as it is constantly ‘messaging’ the lower subconscious. The Well of Dreams is about what we vision and envision, and how that visioning steers our perceptions and experiences of/with higher and lower (or faster and slower) frequencies. We’ll speak in more detail of this in the next post, but for now, feel how the Well of Dreams needs to be filled with the Light and Love of Source, just like the Heart well, so you are filling them with the same energy, the same love. Keeping your envisioning of RE-new-al unified with your Heart-Source connection.In this recent post, Arnap, captain of the Shem Arua, gave a visualization exercise for unifying the pituitary, pineal and well of dreams chakras, with… ” …

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