EXCERPT : …” In Persian myth, the simurgh connected Earth and sky, and purified the land and water elements. It lived in the Tree of Life that stood in the middle of the world sea, and when it flew from the Tree, the Tree’s leaves shook and scattered its seeds in all directions. Wherever the seeds landed, they grew into every kind of plant on Earth, whose healing properties could cure all the ills of humanity. The simurgh itself was so ancient it had lived through three Ages of the world, and would in divine time self-immolate and be reborn, like the phoenix. ” ….. ( read more )

Heart Star

Dear Friends,

Today I’d like to share a communication from the ascended soul who was known in a recent incarnation on Earth as Satya Sai Baba. I connected with him in inner heart about two years ago, and had a beautiful contact with him in the last two weeks, in synchronicity with my Twin Flame Bareld, who shared Sai’s message to him here. He spoke to both of us of the Golden Bowl, and tuning to the purest tones of Love and Life. From Bareld’s post:

“We believe it is time to listen to purity and immerse yourself in pure love now, forget past tensions and flow from the Bowl of Life, where Golden sounds emerge.”

Satya Sai guided him to this piece of music, of Tibetan singing bowls and running water, for the Bowl is also about washing in the light of Love. I’m sharing this same music…

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