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The Golden Bowl: Love & Discernment

EXCERPT : …” In Persian myth, the simurgh connected Earth and sky, and purified the land and water elements. It lived in the Tree of Life that stood in the middle of the world sea, and when it flew from the Tree, the Tree’s leaves shook and scattered its seeds in all directions. Wherever the seeds landed, they grew into every kind of plant on Earth, whose healing properties could cure all the ills of humanity. The simurgh itself was so ancient it had lived through three Ages of the world, and would in divine time self-immolate and be reborn, like the phoenix. ” ….. ( read more )

Heart Star

Dear Friends,

Today I’d like to share a communication from the ascended soul who was known in a recent incarnation on Earth as Satya Sai Baba. I connected with him in inner heart about two years ago, and had a beautiful contact with him in the last two weeks, in synchronicity with my Twin Flame Bareld, who shared Sai’s message to him here. He spoke to both of us of the Golden Bowl, and tuning to the purest tones of Love and Life. From Bareld’s post:

“We believe it is time to listen to purity and immerse yourself in pure love now, forget past tensions and flow from the Bowl of Life, where Golden sounds emerge.”

Satya Sai guided him to this piece of music, of Tibetan singing bowls and running water, for the Bowl is also about washing in the light of Love. I’m sharing this same music…

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Signals, Sightings and Messages

Heart Star

Dear Friends,

Today I’d like to share a beautiful ship sighting from last Wednesday morning, while taking a 3km walk near my home along what was originally a train-line, now converted into a walking trail in the Perth hills. I always carry a pocket camera when out walking, ‘just in case’, and before setting out, wished for a clear view of a ship or two, as the walking trail has a big open sky panorama, and the sky that day was completely free of clouds or chemtrails. However, 7:30 to 8am turned out to be a busy time on a track that is pretty much deserted later in the day. At that early hour it’s quite a thoroughfare of schoolkids on bikes, a stream of dog walkers, joggers and pre-work cyclists, all focused on doing something, getting somewhere, watching the clock.

I gave up on seeing starships, and concentrated on…

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Remembrance of the Thirteenth Gate

Another loving & inspired post from Heart Star .


…” These loving people gave me a vision, and a visualization using the Light of Salmura, the Crystal of Remembrance, for Syria. Of course, this can be used anywhere around the planet, but for the major ‘convergence’ of energies during September and for the Lighting of the Middle East, where so much energy of old is being unlocked/rebirthed in its higher vibrations, if it resonates for you, please use this visualization.Calm your mind and centre your focus in your Heart, with pure love. Cleanse yourself with the Violet Flame, and…”…


Source: Remembrance of the Thirteenth Gate

Blue Avians Corey Goode/David Wilcock Gaiam TV ep.1


Cosmic Disclosure David Wilcock

..There is more going on in space than you can ever imagine.

Out of sight, out of mind. That is how the greatest secrets in the history of humankind have remained hidden from the populace. For the first time ever, a 30-year insider has come forward to reveal over 70 years of humanity’s hidden history in space. Corey Goode joins David Wilcock in this inaugural presentation of Cosmic Disclosure to offer an overview of their upcoming interviews which detail the history and extent of humanity’s celestial presence.

THE TRAILER“>http://

The first episode ( 1 )

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Episode two…

  also available for free on Gaiam TV official website…

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Golden Heart Love, Fruit of Angels

Excerpt : …” We’ve spoken before of breathing in golden light, into the ‘well’ in your heart’s centre, your storage centre of Source’s love, and rippling this light throughout your body and being (and to all beings, all life). You can feel it and visualize it like the photo at the airport, a burst of golden heart love radiating out from your core, filling your being, and exploding out. A Love explosion! Gabriel speaks also of another well, the Well of Dreams Chakra (a chakra of the new higher frequency template which you can read about in previous posts) which is situated in the brain stem/hindbrain area. This chakra is overwriting the old survival/fear ‘programming’ of the reptilian hindbrain, which sends messages down the spinal energetic channel to the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras. What you ‘put in this well’ is important, as it is constantly ‘messaging’ the lower subconscious. The Well of Dreams is about what we vision and envision, and how that visioning steers our perceptions and experiences of/with higher and lower (or faster and slower) frequencies. We’ll speak in more detail of this in the next post, but for now, feel how the Well of Dreams needs to be filled with the Light and Love of Source, just like the Heart well, so you are filling them with the same energy, the same love. Keeping your envisioning of RE-new-al unified with your Heart-Source connection.In this recent post, Arnap, captain of the Shem Arua, gave a visualization exercise for unifying the pituitary, pineal and well of dreams chakras, with… ” …

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The Wheel of Time Opens

ANOTHER AMAZING MESSAGE FROM Heart Star EXCERPT : …”Do you feel how everything is in its perfect place? Source’s expression into form, through frequencies, is all connected, always. Only the view from the pretend game of separation doesn’t see/feel the miraculous innate unity, balance and equilibrium of creation, and becomes mesmerized by the illusion of chaos, the darkness of the void, and synthetic control of chaos. So the Rose is the catalyst for Love, the Rose is the infinite spiral. That is why we say, BE the Rose, put a rose in every chakra, breathe rose into the spirals of your DNA, because it is intimately echoing the Love Spiral of creation within you, which helps you open to the light of Source. (If visualization isn’t your thing, imagine breathing in the scent of a rose, or just hold the intention to bring rose energy into your being and anchor it there). ” … Read More

Heart Star

Dear friends,

Following on from the previous post about the planetary alignment upcoming on May 28th, let’s look at the alignment positions. Firstly, Sun-Mercury-Saturn aligned on a trajectory that passes between the Earth and its Moon.

Image is a still from Ditrianum Media youtube video simulation of planetary positions May 28 2015. Image from Ditrianum Media video simulation of planetary positions May 28 2015.

Secondly, while that alignment is in place, Venus-Mercury-Neptune align at a right angle to Sun-Mercury-Saturn, forming a cross, an ‘X’, with Mercury, the catalyst, at its centre.

Venus (in front of the Sun) aligned to Mercury and Neptune; image from Ditrianum Media. Venus (in front of the Sun) aligned to Mercury and Neptune; image from Ditrianum Media.

You can also see in the above picture, a direct Venus-Sun-Uranus alignment, but we’ll focus here on the Cross formed by the first and second alignments, and what its fusion of energies means in the process of Earth’s shift into higher frequencies. In the last post, we spoke of the Schumann Resonance, the background frequency of Earth, as 8hz, and…

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Planetary Alignments in the Garden of Love

Heart Star

Dear friends,

Today’s post follows on from the photos of a ship that flew overhead here on April 26th that you can read about in the previous post. This ship appeared three days after a very high frequency light-wave snuck in quietly through the ‘back door’, so to speak, and energies on and around this planet have continued to intensify since then. At an individual level, everything in our beings that is not aligned in Love will be/is getting a deeper shake out, so those energies can be perceived, blessed and released, to reveal more of our higher dimensional Essence.

In the collective, the same shake out can be seen happening around the globe, and the energies of shifting consciousness responding to it. On a planetary level, the shakedowns/ups (earthquakes and eruptions) have continued since the late April light-wave came through and the kundalini energy flowed from Tibet to…

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